Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Bringing the Flow

 Bringing the flow

           by  Laura Frances Zaki

Life is like a flow, it comes and goes.  How can you turn it on and get that good energy flowing? The first ingredient is love.  Do what you love.  Do things in your life with love.  Love yourself and bring love to others in your life.  Love is energy and it flows.  When you are blocked it's because the good energy isn't flowing properly.  You may feel stuck in old patterns.  You may hate your life or the situation in which you are living.  It's never your outer circumstances that creates energy and flow.  It's an inside job and you can bring flow to any circumstance.  Find things that bring you joy.  Collect and cultivate them.  Surround yourself with people who bring good positive energy to your life.  Find people who have ideas, goals and dreams and you will find that you too with start having ideas, goals and dreams.  Reinvent yourself.  Shake up your life!  Old patterns may not serve you anymore.  Don't be afraid to try something new and different.  Travel even if it's only within your own city.  Be a traveler and be a seeker.  If you can't find the flow, then be the flow.  

Today I Rise

 Today I rise 

by Laura Frances Zaki

Today I rise

Darkness fades as the light shines through my wounds

You always said "Show them how smart you are"

But what I didn't know is that I am resilient

I am strong and steady

I give wings to others and that helps me to fly myself

Show me your scratches

I've got them all over my arms too

Today we forget the past and rise up to meet our broken souls 

Friday, June 10, 2022


Today is a new day.  A bright sunshiny one.

Don't bring all your cares 

Just for today

Throw them free into the wind

Let your hair down and live for today

Tomorrow will come anyway

And you'll be ready

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dark Days

In the dark days of your life, sometimes you don't feel like going on

I know it's really hard to keep on moving

When all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a cocoon

In search of some elusive type of comfort

Hold me close and you will know

That I'm always there for you

I am your best friend, your compadre, your confidant

I am yourself and you are mine

Be what you are and live in the moment

Start feeling that small bright light of hope coming through the clouds

And know that sunshine will be coming your way again.

Even just for a little while

L.Zaki 5/18/22

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Dreaming of peace

 Dreaming of peace

Faded jeans and long blonde hair

She steps out into the day

And you swear you knew her forever

Back when you were young and crazy

Today is just another day in between

One more cup of coffee or a bottle of wine

Sing it before we get too old 

Dance like you are on fire

Keep dreaming those hippie dreams of yours

Peace, love and loud music on this dreary day

Dreaming of peace and sunshine 


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Live the Life of Your Dreams


How to start living the life of your dreams?  The first step is actually to stop dreaming and start planning! and then stop planning and actually schedule it!  Even if the only step you can take at first is a small step. Small steps done consistently can lead to great things!  You are worth it and you can live the life of your dreams once you conquer your limiting beliefs.

How to deal with Toxic People

 How to deal with toxic people

There are many reasons why people are toxic and negative.  It may stem from a bad childhood or upbringing.  They might not have felt love or caring in their home when they were growing up.  It might be an enduring pattern of cynicism and negativity that has become engrained in their mind.  It might also be a way of seeking attention.  When someone always has to be "the worst" that is a sign that they are focused on their ego just the same as someone who always needs to be the best.  They crave attention even if it is negative.  They don't trust anyone and see the world as a bad evil place.  Others are narcissists and fake love bomb you and shower you with compliments at first, only to later degrade  you and have you walking on eggshells.

If you're anything like me, you are empathetic and like to help others.  You somehow think you can fix or save negative people.  It's time to realize that if they don't want to be helped you can't help them!  They will only drag you down and bring you into their negative world.  You are a bright shining star.  You bring your sunshine to those who are connected to you and warm them with your smile.  

The best way to deal with toxic people and narcissists is to cut them off completely if you can.  If they are family members and you don't want to cut them off entirely then you need to set clear and firm boundaries.  You will not tolerate any backbiting, negative talk or name calling.  They need to elevate their behavior to be around you!

Keep doing what you do and don't let others get you down.  Eventually your positive energy will repel those who have nothing to say but put down others and complain about the state of the world.  Always look up and surround yourself with those people who have ideas and want to contribute positively to the world.  If you see those qualities in a person who is negative but is trying, encourage them to take a path down the right road to a better, happier life!