Monday, July 22, 2019


I dreamed of you for so long
I never wanted it to be that way
I know I hurt you
I'm sorry for the pain

But now we have another chance
To try to make it right again
We have another day
Let's find another way

Another day
Another way
Walking in the sunshine
Another day
Another way
Back together again

I know it's not easy
For you to trust me again
But I know I can do better
Let's find a way
Let's start to live again

Another day
Another way
Dreaming of better days
Another day
Another way
Walk with me my love

Remember those trips we used to go on?
Walking along the beach
Smiling laughing on the way
Life can be good again

Smile with me now
Through the pain
Life is beginning new again
We'll find
Another day
Another way

Written by L Zaki 7/22/19


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